Tesla Service

Firmware update, Programming keys,
Computer problems diagnostics


Remotely Tesla services (Los Angeles - possible direct)

  • Vehicle's firmware update
  • Computer problems diagnostics
  • Any electric parts’ updating
  • Programming new keys
  • Supercharge and CHAdEMO fixing
  • Diagnostic Mode/Factory Mode turning on
  • Error code removing after car repair
  • Battery capacity upgrade 60D > 70D and 70D > 75D
  • Autopilot activation and radar calibration
  • GPS navigation system fixing and updating
  • Ludicrous Mode activation
  • Premium Audio activation
  • SIM-card changing for Internet
  • Starting and fixing a salvage car from auction
  • New display reprogramming and fixing
  • Valet mode removement
  • Battery contactors replacement / battery fixing
  • Changing color, rims, spoiler on image car on display
  • Airbag module crash errors reset
  • Air pumping from the cooling system
  • Parking system repair
  • Air Suspention / steering wheel / radar etc systems calibration



Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have